About us



Our aim as a company is to address the urgent need to change the approach of the presentation of hotel rooms and houses for sale on the internet.
            Our main goal is to help property agents and hotels to maximize their customers awareness when choosing a house or a hotel room via more accurate imaging using virtual interactive walk-throughs.
          We believe that with 21st century advanced technology customers should have the right to a detailed assessment of what they want to spend their money on. All using the best possible technology.
         Our panoramic pictures and virtual tours will help to broaden a customer perspective when purchasing a hotel room or renting a holiday villa. In the case of buying property this will save time and money spent on a pointless journey in search of homes that could have been rejected during the pre-selection on the internet.
       When it comes to hotels we all know that the choice of hotel room determines whether your holiday will be successful and you will have value for your hard-earned money.
Using virtual walk-throughs always contributes to higher sales.
Try our product. The future is here.

You haven’t seen it yet? Try it and be the first business in your area which applied the latest technology of virtual presentation of the interiors. Stay ahead of  the others!

About Product



 Our product is a virtual simulation of an existing location, composed of a sequence of 360º spherical panoramas.
      Panoramic images created using this technique give an unbroken horizontal and vertical 360º view, which creates a sense of being inside a specific location such as a room inside a house or hotel, restaurant, swimming pool, spa etc. Using professional software we can join together all virtual rooms creating a virtual tour through a house or hotel.

Panoramic images for the Property market

We would like to introduce this technology to property agents and developers.
Spherical panoramas on your website allow the buyers to see the inside of a house or apartment with proper perspective. When choosing those that deserve attention, using virtual tours eliminates unnecessary time wasting travel to homes that do not meet your client expectations.
The customer loves to have the best choice. It is his basic right, but because of the normal pictures the choice is not clear. Virtual tours are going to change it.

Panoramic images for Hotels

Spherical panoramas or virtual tours are unique selling points for your hotel or B&B.
Due to the fact that the hotel room is the product sold primarily through the internet, this means it is marketed at a distance. The only available product verification is to assess the photos on the web.
These pictures are predominantly taken a few years earlier, their sizes are often too small.
Our technique allows a potential guest insight into a room he is interested in and also the surroundings of the hotel, reception, restaurant etc. This technology fills a huge gap when it comes to the presentation of hotels on the internet compared to regular photographs, and enables decision -makers to purchase quickly and naturally. The customer is not limited to the ordinary images taken from one perspective, which usually involve a small part of the room.

In 2015 the world had more than 5 billion smartphone users. This information gives us a broader perspective. People are buying and are looking to book hotels on their smartphones and tablets. We want to refine this aspect . Our panoramic pictures and virtual tours are optimized also for mobile devices.